*Note: The AcuPad is now the EPICPad

A Spacer Fabric That Actually Works

Let Epic Corporation in Austin, TX take care of your body! Enjoy the natural massaging effect from the spacer fabric in our bed pads and pressure overlays when you sit, rest, or sleep. These are available as EPICPad Pressure Overlays in commercial and industrial markets, and as EPICPad Sleep Pads in consumer markets. The EPICPad Spacer Fabric is sold as an original equipment manufacturer product by Epic Corporation. Contact us to get your EPICPad product today.

EPICPad is a unique industrial textile that is fabricated into a variety of healthcare products used by healthcare institutions and consumers. It is unique because of its design and architecture. It is intended to conform to and run parallel to the meridian acupressure points in the human body, and its architecture consists of 100% polyester yarn knitted into alternating convex and concave channels running down the length of the fabric with a single flat surface at the bottom of the channels. This architecture allows for the convex channels to support the whole body weight with limited pressure points against the body’s surface tissues. The convex channels are also designed to apply pressure against the acupressure pressure points giving a natural gentle massage effect.

EPICPad Sleep Pads & Pressure Overlays

With their comfortable elasticity and concave and convex channels that provide ventilation and limited pressure points, the EPICPad bed pads prevent the blood and lymphatic vessels from being squeezed and crushed from the weight of the body. As a result, the pads aid in recovery from backaches, reduce fatigue, and prevent pressure sores and ulcers.
The bed pads can be used either under or on top of a bed sheet with the convex channels facing up from the bed, and they are machine washable for easy cleaning. Additionally, the EPICPad bed pads have an antibacterial and deodorization effect, which prevents the polyester from being infested by mold and mildew.

$128.75 USD

$148.75 USD

$166.75 USD

$166.75 USD

$199.75 USD

$199.75 USD

EPICPad Seat Pads

Choose from convenient seat pads in different sizes to find the right fit for you. These can be used for a variety of applications, including:

• Wheelchairs
• Automobile Seats
• Standard Chairs

• Operating Table Overlays
• Shoe Inserts

$23.55 USD

$30.55 USD

 *Please note that the AcuPad is now the EPICPad

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